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  1. olga khumlo says:

    Please pray for my missing son since 24 Oct 2016. At first they told us that he was hit by a train when they couldn’t even prove it after 4 days they handed over a dead body, dressing it in my son’s clothes, and putting my son’s wrist band however they could not show the tattoo that my son had on his left arm, neither did they know about the birth marks that my son had large green patches on his butt, lower back and one on his chest. On 23 Oct 2016 Jesus appeared to me in a dream and said, ” I have settled the matter’, “Look into the notebook for instruction” Give me the spring board, as i turned around to hand over the spring board I saw other youths seated. I handed over the board and Jesus ascended as we looked above expecting the debris from the ceiling to fall only a clean space in a perfect circle was left and way high up in the atmosphere I saw a green light.
    In spite of telling the police that the body does not belong to our son they refuse to help and at first they said that tattoo and birth marks are washed away; they had fished the body out of the creek. It was a brutally murdered body and we saw the pictures only on 8 April 2017 officially, on 16 Jan 2017 after much pleading my brother showed me. On confirming that the body did not belong to my son he was angry and began to relate to me that he had much difficulty in hauling out the body from the creek. We were not permitted to see the face. Towards the end of February 2017 they collected my husband’s sample for the DNA. On 8 Apr 2017 they reported to us that the dNA reports would be given only after one and a half years.
    Our Govt has begun collecting the list of all the corrupt officials and on 15 Aug they would crackdown on them. Please pray that my son Christopher Khumlo’s case age 18 years would also be looked Jesus said look into the notebook for instruction:
    That’s exactly what my son has written in his poem and prayers: ‘Lord i pray mom should never give up’ God also has promised me Hab 2:3 .
    From his childhood I’ve been praying and around 200 churches are praying for Christopher Khumlo since 2014.
    Olga and Marson Please do not publish on website

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