#1 – Unapologetic Preaching: 2 Timothy 4:2

We follow God in making disciples as He guides us with His truth. The source of His truth is His Word, the Bible. Preaching God’s Word faithfully keeps us right where God wants us to be.

#2 – Unashamed Worship: John 4:24

We have the privilege of worshipping Jesus (knowing and adoring Him). We lift Him up as we worship Him in spirit (all of me) and truth (in alignment with all of Him).

#3 – Unstoppable Witness: Ephesians 6:19-20

The love and forgiveness that Jesus offers is an awesome privilege. When we have experienced Jesus personally, we have a responsibility to just share what we have found of Him with others we know. Sharing boldly does not mean being offensive, but rather being transparent and vulnerable. God works in dramatic ways as we faithfully share of Him.

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