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How I came into relationship with Jesus Christ

I grew up in a “unchurched” home and was saved from a life of sin at 23 years old. In December of 2007 I surrendered to the call to preach.

How I came to CSBC

I was not raised in church, but I was “drug” to church a few times as a child by a family member, and CSBC was that church. It was the very first church I ever walked into. September 2012, I came to preach at CSBC, just as a “fill in” for one Sunday. At this point the church had gone without a Pastor for almost one year. That Sunday I came to preach, and the Lord really impressed on my heart that this is where He wanted me to be. Immediately after service I looked at my wife and before I could explain how the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart she said… “Wow, this is a great place”. We talked, prayed and from that moment knew this is where God would have us to be.

What I do at CSBC

I serve as the Senior Pastor, leading the Church in Unapologetic Preaching, Unashamed Worship, and in an Unstoppable Witness under the authority of Jesus Christ.

Why I do what I do

To see people grow in their desire to know and reflect Jesus in their life.

Other Information

Born in 1978

Birthplace Covington, Kentucky

At CSBC since October 2012

Previous work Youth pastor & Church Planter

Favorite verse Psalm 16:8

Married to Crystal since 2001

Children Tylan and Lorelle

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